Viv's Top Plant Tips and Hacks

The popularity of plants has risen dramatically since we were all "locked" into our homes for the past 6 months and realised a bit of greenery would really brighten the place up. Not to mention the great air-filtering properties of plants to keep your home feeling fresh.

So, if you're thinking of taking the plunge into the plant collector's life, then read on for my top tips!

Start small and test it out

This is a truly great hack for starting your plant collection. If you really want a large statement plant and you aren't too sure if it will survive in your environment, buy a much smaller version as a tester. Keep this smaller version for a couple of months and if it thrives/survives then you're good to go for the full-scale version.

You may find that you will have to move your plant around to find its favourite spot in your home, as certain plants enjoy more sun than others and some can only live in a humid environment. If you notice your plant is starting to perk up in a certain room, leave it there.

Plants can double in cost with even a 10cm hike in height!

Plants, generally speaking, are very size-priced, yes size does matter when it comes to plants & its price often will reflect that.

Why not buy a tall vase - coloured glass or clear - and opt for a medium-sized plant instead of the large. By popping the plant into the top of the tall vase (or planter) you will increase its visual height making it look larger than it is. 

Also, by displaying your plants in this way, the lower leaves won't get damaged with the vacuum or by passing traffic. Your plant will look amazing from top to bottoms and all this at a fraction of the cost of a full-sized plant!

My pot is too small for my plant

Have you got a favourite (or new) planter? Have you just bought the ideal plant to enhance it but the plant just a tad too large? 

Don't fear! You can cut the plastic pot with sharp scissors vertically - about 4-5 cuts around the circumference of the pot should do it - then place the plant into the planter squeezing the top of the plastic plant pot & it should be a very snug fit.

After all, it's not the most appealing sight when you can see the plastic popping out of the top of a beautiful pot or planter.

Pot is too small for the plant

Creating drainage for your plant

If your favourite plant pot has no drainage, do not fret, you can still use it!

If you're going to plant directly into the pot then put a few 'crocks' (broken pieces of a terracotta pot) or a couple of inches of gravel or sand in the base. This drainage can help to stop root rot from occurring in your plant, as excess water will drain away from the soil and roots. Sand is a great option, as this moisture can be taken up by the soil and roots if needed.

When planted in this way, it will require far less water and less frequent watering. However, do check the soil, as water and dampness could be much further down in the pot and the top couple of inches may seem dry. 

Stick your finger into the soil (up to your second knuckle) to discover if the soil is damp around the plant's roots.

I keep forgetting to water my plant!

Spraying weekly will compensate for not watering your plant as frequently. Lightly misting certain plants is great for their leaves, as it increases humidity and also cleans off bits of dust and debris. It is recommended that you wipe off larger leaves with a damp cloth to keep your plant looking tip-top!

Invest in a good self-watering system for your houseplant if you forget too regularly. There are some really fun and quirky ones available to add a pop of colour or even a uniquely shaped sculpture to your home.


Plants are wonderful and we've got plenty in stock, so if you'd like to get started on your plant collection, take a look at 5th Ave Forest or come by the Quayside shop for a visit.