Introducing 5th Ave Forest

As you will already know if you've stepped foot in one of our shops, we love plants and have always enjoyed finding unique and wonderful plants which make fabulous gifts (for someone else or for yourself)! So, we've added plants to our online shop, making it even easier for you to get hold of a little plant baby to add to your collection or begin it!

Houseplants have really had a reboot as of late and there's no wonder why - these lovely green (and other colours) plants bring the outside into our homes and help to keep our air cleaner. Plants do wonders for our mental health too, so they're definitely here to stay!

All of our 5th Ave Forest plants have been hand-picked by the owner of 5th Avenue Flowers (a keen plant keeper and gardener as well as a wonderful florist) and have been chosen due to their easy-care properties and for their beautiful looks! You will find a huge range of plants here, which we're adding to very frequently, so keep your peepers peeled at all times.

Many people are a little scared to keep plants as they can feel like a big commitment, after all, they do need a bit of TLC to stay alive, but do not be afraid! Every plant we have listed has care instructions, so you'll know if they are the right choice for you. We've also tried to include the scientific names of all of our plants so you can do a little bit of research if you want to discover more about how to care for each plants needs.

In every interior design magazine and all over Instagram, you'll see loads of plants decorating a multitude of rooms in a variety of decor schemes - plants go with everything! And they come in all shapes and sizes, so you'll definitely find something to suit your own space.

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Happy planting :)