Pachira aquatica
Pachira aquatica

Pachira aquatica

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Pachira aquatica a.k.a. "Money Tree" is an indoor tree variety which is so easy to look after, you might want one for every room! They can grow as big as you want them to if you repot them each time they outgrow their current pot, or you can keep them smaller by trimming off the oldest/tallest shoots.

Tree comes with the pot pictured.

This stumpy plant is used to growing in wetlands and swamps, so prefers a consistent moisture level in the soil, around 1-2 waterings per week should suffice - good drainage is necessary. They also like a bit of light, but mostly indirect sunlight, so make sure to turn your tree each time you water it to allow for all sides to get a good amount of light. If you notice the leaves yellowing, increase the humidity by misting your plant once or twice a day.