Lace Aloe (container may vary)
Lace Aloe (container may vary)

Lace Aloe (container may vary)

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These pretty succulents are known scientifically as Aristaloe aristata - a bit of a mouthful to say so let's stick to Lace Aloe! This evergreen, flowering, perennial plant is ideal for a miniature garden or perfect to add to your indoor plant collection. It can be quite fast-growing when looked after well and may produce pink blossoms in Summer.

This is a pet-safe plant, but if you have nibbly animals, it will be best kept out of their reach.

As this is a variety of succulent, watering needs are much the same - not much at all! Water your lace aloe less in the colder months and don't waterlog the soil as this will lead to root rot. Place in an area with good sunlight when keeping indoors - near a South-facing window is ideal.
Although quick to grow, it will generally max out at around 20cm high and 15cm wide but may start to grow smaller propagations out of the lower stem as its leaves fall off.