Dried Indian Millet

Dried Indian Millet

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Commonly known as Indian Millet or Great Millet. this funky looking grain's real name is Sorghum and it is primarily used in animal feed and even cereals, but these ones have been dried and are ready to add to your new vase. 

Your dried Sorghum will be wrapped in brown paper bundles. Each bundle contains 3 stems.
Stem length 70cm.

Keep Sorghum out of reach of pets (for risk of breaking them - the bulrushes, not the pet).

Dried flowers, foliage and grasses need little to no care, but they should be kept out of the way in high-traffic areas in your home, as continually brushing past may break the pieces off. Keep them out of direct sunlight too.
Make sure to remove dust carefully from any dried florals or grasses as they can be quite delicate.