Striped Sansevieria
Striped Sansevieria

Striped Sansevieria

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This funky easy-care plant looks like a cartoon hair-do and we love it! It actually has two scientific names, one being Sansevieria cylindrica, which describes the shape of its rounded, long foliage and the other being Dracaena angolensis. You may have heard of the name Mother-in-Law's Tongue too... something to do with the sharp points! 
Sansevieria tend to grow quite slowly and they max out in height when they hit around 1 metre tall. They make a really stylish addition to any home and will even clear the air of toxins, which is lovely!

This plant is not pet safe, so keep it up at a height or avoid it if you have a very inquisitive cat who likes to climb and nibble.

The rounded grey ceramic pot is included in this listing.

This elegant plant is best kept in bright, but indirect sunlight, however, it is known to adapt to low light levels. It doesn't need to be watered all that frequently and you should let the soil dry out in between watering. Water the plant over a sink or outside and allow the water to flow through and drain out before placing it back into the decorative pot.

Keep this plant indoors in a room that tends to stay above 15°C as it isn't great in cold temperatures, but it can withstand 10°C at the lowest for very short amounts of time, so don't worry about the winter months too much.