Passion Flower
Passion Flower

Passion Flower

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Possibly one of the most intriguing-looking plants that you can grow in the garden - the Passiflora or Passion Vines. The flower in the image is a tag, however, when it does come to bloom, this is how it will look. This plant is very bee-friendly when in bloom, so a great addition to your garden!

Comes with sky blue pot pictured.

When keeping your Passion Flower plant indoors, you'll need to place it close to a window that gets lots of bright sunlight. They like a steady supply of water to keep the soil moist but not wet. A nice rich indoor potting soil will suit this vine just fine and a bigger pot will allow the vine to grow bigger.
When the warmer weather does arrive and any threat of frost is highly unlikely, plant Passiflora in your garden and allow the vines to climb.