Monkey Jar Carnivorous Plant
Monkey Jar Carnivorous Plant

Monkey Jar Carnivorous Plant

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If you love interesting plants, then you'll love these pitcher plants which are perfect long-lasting houseplants (so long as you make sure to give them all the water they need)! Monkey Jars are carnivorous plants with hanging pitchers ready to capture those unwanted houseflies and bugs. So they do a really good job of looking cool and being practical at the same time. 

Water, water, water... this plant gets thirsty! If the soil looks dry, pop in some water - add a cup of water at least once a week and top up when it gets warmer. You can also add a little bit of water directly into the pitchers if they are empty or less than a third of the way filled. Rainwater is the ideal choice for watering these plants, but don't worry if you can't get hold of any. 
They like lots of indirect sunlight and warmer temperatures of around 16-24°C - so they won't mind at all when your heating is on.