Geo Animal Sansevieria

Geo Animal Sansevieria

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How cool are these Sansevieria plants? We've not seen anything like them before and we're totally loving them! The geometric-style animal illustrations are ultra-modern and will add something truly special to your home decor scheme. Do you love wolves or have a penchant for owl memorabilia? Then you will definitely want to get hold of one of these plants!

You will choose either the wolf or owl design and receive one (chosen) plant in the patterned cement pot.

This quirky, illustrated plant is best kept in bright, but indirect sunlight but it can adapt to lower light levels when it needs to. Sansevierias do not need to be watered very frequently - the soil should be left to dry out in between watering. Hold the plant over a sink or water outside to allow the water to flow through the soil and drain out thoroughly before placing it back into the decorative pot. Sitting in water will cause these plants roots to rot.

Keep your Sansevieria indoors and ensure it stays above 15°C (it can withstand 10°C at the lowest but only for very short amounts of time).