Fragrant Sweet Pink Jasmine
Fragrant Sweet Pink Jasmine

Fragrant Sweet Pink Jasmine

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If you adore the scent of Jasmine then you'll love having a fresh sweet aroma of this plant in your home. Not to mention how pretty these gorgeous pink flowering plants are! Whether giving to a loved one or treating yourself, Jasmine is a delightful floral gift.

Jasmine looks so delicate with its tiny flowers and even tinier buds, so make sure to keep this plant away from areas in your home with lots of passing traffic - you don't want to knock off heads every time you pass!

QUICK TIP: Grow alongside a frame to allow Jasmine to climb.

Jasmine can be kept indoors for one season but will need repotting as it grows. It may be best to transfer outdoors into a bigger pot to allow it to flourish. If placing Jasmine outside, it needs at least 4-5 hours of (mostly direct/partial shade) sun and plenty of water in the hotter months.

For indoor Jasmine, water them when you notice the soil starting to dry - NEVER let them dry out completely and keep them in a well-lit room that remains on the warmer side of under 18ºC. They will need regular pruning as they grow extremely quickly when cared for properly.