Festive Red Anthurium
Festive Red Anthurium

Festive Red Anthurium

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Anthuriums are such a unique and pretty flowering plant, with their dark green foliage and glossy flowers, how could you resist? This complimentary red and green colour combination makes this the ideal gift for plant lovers this Christmas - a longer-lasting alternative to the traditional Poinsettia.

Anthuriums are super easy to care for and are extremely durable. They just need bright, indirect sunlight and since they grow naturally in warm, tropical regions, they won't mind when you have the heating on. Just make sure to water them as soon as the soil becomes partially dry (about an inch down in the soil) and let excess water drain through. 

Anthuriums should be kept out of the way of pets and children, as they are poisonous if ingested and the sap can cause skin irritation.