Echeveria "Raindrops"
Echeveria "Raindrops"
Echeveria "Raindrops"

Echeveria "Raindrops"

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Echeveria "Raindrops" is a gorgeous flowering succulent which has been named due to the little bumps on each leaf which resemble water droplets. The blue-ish tint of the succulent leaves forms the perfect complementary colour harmony when the orange flowers begin to grow. As they mature, they start to look a little pinker around the edges and the "raindrops" will also change to a pinkish hue.

Comes with the driftwood inspired concrete pot pictured.
The exact plant you receive may differ from the product images - each plant is unique.

As with most succulents, the Echeveria "Raindrops" is easy to look after and will fair well near a window with plenty of light. This plant will only need watering when the soil is completely bone dry - make sure to water thoroughly (avoiding moisture on the leaves themselves) and don't leave it sitting in water as this can cause roots to rot.


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*This is a single plant only with no decorative pot included - just a basic plastic pot.