Button Fern
Button Fern

Button Fern

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Pellaea rotundifolia is a gorgeous fern which grows happily indoors with very little attention needed. Pop one of these potted lovelies into a macrame plant hanger and watch as those little button-leaved fronds grow longer and longer. It would also look very sweet sitting on a shelf with its foliage dangling over the edge.

This plant listing comes with the graphite ceramic pot pictured.

This New Zealand native plant likes to be kept in well-lit areas with a consistent temperature and out of direct sunlight. They don't go dormant in the winter and when kept in a decent room temperature environment, they will continue to grow all year. They also like a bit of a humid environment, so you could lightly mist your fern and make sure to cut off any browned, dried-out foliage.

Water this plant when the top inch or so of the soil has completely dried out. Let it drain thoroughly before replacing in its pot - sitting in water will cause this plants roots to rot.