Bright Bromeliad
Bright Bromeliad

Bright Bromeliad

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The Guzmania conifera is part of the Bromeliad family of plants which all have a very tropical look and are usually found growing outdoors in the warm climes of Brazil and Florida. This is the perfect plant to pop in your conservatory (out of direct sunlight though) during the summer months. They add a fabulous pop of colour to your home and give you the feeling of being on holiday somewhere exotic.

This listing includes the funky tangerine pot pictured.

This tropical beauty takes in water in multiple ways - their roots, leaves and through their central tank. Do not water this plant directly on or next to the flowering part as it can shorten the life of the Guzmania and don't over-water it either.
Rainwater is the ideal option for watering this plant, as tap water can cause a build-up of minerals in the leaf tanks, blocking them from the water source. It's important to flush this tank area down the centre of the plant with fresh water every couple of months.

Due to this plant's toasty natural environment, they should be kept in a room where the temperature falls between 20°C and 27°C. Any colder or warmer could hinder the plant's growth. It also likes humidity so mist them twice a week to keep them happy. Keep them in a good level of light, but not direct sunlight as this can scorch the plant.