Albuca spiralis
Albuca spiralis

Albuca spiralis

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Albuca spiralis a.k.a. "Frizzle Sizzle" is a super curly-wurly succulent plant originating from South Africa. When cared for well, you could see your "Frizzle Sizzle" sprouting dangling, yellow flowers which smell of vanilla and butter.

Plant comes with pastel-coloured pot pictured.

The Albuca spiralis aren't quite as simple to care for as their more common succulent counterparts, but don't let that stop you.  This spiralicious plant does not need to be watered all that often outside of its growing season, but keep an eye on the soil and water when it is dry to the touch. Don't overwater as this can cause the roots to rot. Best kept outdoors for the most sunlight possible, but they need a minimum temperature of around 15°C.